A community full of spirit, beer or wine.

86 service has been designed to offer the hard working bartenders, waitresses, chefs and hosts a little something for their contribution to the hospitality industry.

This is a perk for working unsociable hours, for potentially dealing with abuse from intoxicated customers and for choosing a job or even career in an industry that may not pay that much but rewards you in many other ways.


Join the 86 SERVICE and find out about offers and promotions available only to the hospitality industry. Offers are subject to change, new codes and passwords will be released through newsletters. Simply complete the form below and attach something to prove that you are a indeed a “Hospo Agent”; a payslip will be enough. If you don’t have a electronic version of your payslip or would rather just show us proof in person then please feel free to bring it in on your next visit.
Feel free to either upload a copy of your payslip or if you would prefer you can simple show us in person when you next visit. Unfortunately we can only add you to the database once proven that you do work within the hospitality industry
Please note our offers, discounts and vouchers change regularly. Therefore if you choose for us not to contact you then you have basically just wasted your time....