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If you are joining us for a night of comedy and cocktails with the Togetherworks on the 13th of February and you don’t want the hassle of buying the ingredients, then you can buy your cocktails premixed from us. We will send you the two cocktails pre-batched and ready to shake straight to your door.

the two drinks for the night are

Clover Club – Gin, lemon juice, sugar, raspberry and mrs betters miraculous bitters (vegan friendly replacement for egg white). Garnished with a dehydrated raspberry

Spiced Planters Punch – Overproof spiced rum, lime juice, sugar, angostura bitters, chilled mineral water. Garnished with dehydrated  lime.

Price includes cost of postage and packaging. Please note the that this does not include the price of the ticket for the event. If you would like to join us for the comedy and cocktails please purchase your ticket at

The last opportunity to buy these cocktails will be the 9th of February to guarantee enough time for postal.




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